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Emotion vs. rationality

In life and business I find that we are often faced with decisions that pit emotion against rationality. What I mean by this is that maybe your ego is telling you to do something. And maybe, as a matter of principle, you know with certainty that you’re right. But when you take a step back and think about how that principled decision might play out, you realize that it is probably not the right life or business decision.

In the case of the real estate development business, you might realize that it is not the right decision for the project. And that’s really the key question to be asking yourself in this business. What is most beneficial for the project? It is not about what’s most beneficial for my ego.

Of course, taking emotion out of the equation can sometimes be difficult. Maybe you feel like you’re losing if you give in and don’t follow what you think is right. But the truth is that if emotion and rationality don’t line up, then you’re likely going to have to pick a side. And if you make a bad or the wrong business decision, then you’re definitely losing, even if your ego might feel a little better.


  1. Jack

    One should keep their guiding principles close to their mind and not just their heart. Allowing oneself to make decisions based off what one might call rational logic in a finanical sense, but with no consideration for anything else leads down a path which has resulted in the hatred of developers over the last few decades. Don’t forget the real economic value in providing a place which is better for people and the environment, the QS may not be able to quantify it for you, but it is there.


    • Totally agree about guiding principles. People and the environment are everything.

      The example I had in my mind was when somebody does something wrong to you and you can either react with emotion or rationality.


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