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Creating and making things

The construction process can be a pain in the ass. It’s messy. It’s inefficient. It’s always filled with surprises. And you could argue, as many have before, that every job is really a custom job — a kind of prototype. But at the same time, there is something so deeply satisfying about seeing a building come to life. Part of that satisfaction no doubt comes from the fact that it usually takes years and years to get to the point in which you’re digging holes, pouring concrete, and framing out spaces. It’s almost as if we don’t want things to get built. It’s a feeling of “finally.” But perhaps the bigger part of this satisfaction stems from the fact that building is creating and making something new. It’s about imagining what something could be and then going out and doing everything you can to make that a reality. Some people won’t like what you’re trying to build. But they might when it’s finished. And it is almost certainly not going to be an easy process. But it’s a fulfilling one. Few things are as rewarding as creating and making something new.


  1. Les Klein, Co-founder and Principal, Quadrangle Architects

    As a architect, I always say that there are four magical moments in the life of a project:
    1 Getting the project – the thrill of the chase and knowing that we have the ability to meet that particular set of challenges.
    2 The “Aha!” moment in the design process – seeing that particular solution that addresses the myriad of parameters in just the right way.
    3 The start of construction – when you realize that those machines dug that giant hole in the ground just because of what you drew on that drawing.
    4 The “parting is such sweet sorrow” moment – when after months and years of walking through the construction site, someone stops you and says, “May I help you?” and you realize that the project is no longer yours but belongs to others.

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