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Making giant ships

This is an interesting New York Times photo essay about “how giant ships are built.” I wasn’t aware of some of these statistics, and maybe the same goes for you:

  • 90% of all traded goods are carried on ships
  • 90% of global shipbuilding happens in just three countries: China, South Korea, and Japan
  • There are 124 remaining and active shipyards in the United States, all supported by federal government contracts and the Jones Act, which requires that people and goods moving between American ports is done on ships that are owned/operated by US citizens and that were built domestically
  • US shipyards are believed to contribute about $37 billion in annual economic output and to support about 400,000 jobs
  • 88% of all food in the state of Hawaii is shipped in by boat — it is disproportionately reliant on trade (makes sense)

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