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Supertall drawings

The submission documents for 1200 Bay Street — the supertall being designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Quadrangle Architects — are now publicly available through the City of Toronto’s development applications website. I went through the plans today out of curiosity. Below are the typical residential floors. The three tranches shown here are floors 19-46, 48-79, and 81-84. Note the side elevator core and the east-west shear walls — both of which I was expecting to see.

And here are some of the main project stats:

  • Site area after laneway widening: 890.1 square meters
  • Total gross floor area (residential & non-residential): 54, 898 square meters
  • Floor space index: 61.67
  • Building height (excluding mechanical penthouse): 324 meters
  • Number of residential suites: 332
  • Vehicular parking spaces proposed: 0
  • Bicycle parking spaces proposed: 673

As a rule and out of professional courtesy, I do not comment on other people’s projects on this blog (other than to occasionally point out awesome and ambitious projects). But I do enjoy going through drawing sets to see what others are doing and to see what I might learn. And I am similarly happy to collaborate with others who may want to learn from what we are doing.

If you’d like to download a copy of the submission package, you can do that by entering the address over here.


  1. Myron Nebozuk


    What are the square shaped spaces that link both stairwells? I am an architect who has designed multi-family towers and am flummoxed by what is going on in these spaces.


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