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A YouTube channel about simple living and small homes

I just subscribed to Kirsten Dirksen’s YouTube channel. She makes videos about simple living, self-sufficiency, and small homes, among other things. She has nearly 1.3 million subscribers and her videos have almost 500 million views. I think many of you will really enjoy her channel.

The above video is about an apartment in Lapa, Lisbon that was renovated by architect João Gameiro. Originally constructed in 1819, the top floor space had been pretty badly neglected. João renovated it by striking, what seems to me like, the right balance between old and new.

Some of the other homes featured on her channel include a laneway house in Toronto, a tiny floating home in Berlin, and an off the grid cabin in Joshua Tree.


  1. Trebecca

    I love Kristen Dirksen, I’ve been watching her channel for a long time (I think the channel was called ‘Fair Companies’ at one point?) Her and her husband really make sure to tell the full story on how the person they are interviewing came to live in a tiny house or self-sufficient life style and they don’t glamorize it as we see on television. (Super) oldies but goodies I can recommend:
    “Small Portland prefab home stacks space to fit family of 3”
    “Space-invading apartment: walk-thru shower & fridge-in-drawer”
    “Portable home delivered as furniture, tailored as smartphone”
    “Family of 3 creates space: see-thru bathroom & transforming office”

    You can truly find your self binge watching this channel almost – I nearly got lost finding these episodes from my favorite playlist!

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