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The latest coronavirus figures

The Financial Times has some of the best charts/graphics that I have seen on the coronavirus and its impact. They’re also free and regularly updated. Below is the cumulative number of deaths, by number of days since the 10th death (last updated March 23 at 21:00 GMT). I prefer this to the number of cases because it is more precise, though impacted by things like demographics. The number of cases is impacted by how good you are at testing. Some countries have been far better than others. And what we are continuing to learn is that lots of people were and are completely asymptomatic.

Seeing China (and Iran?) continue to flatten out is encouraging. (Note the logarithmic scale.)

Here has been the impact to the Chinese economy. It’s slowing coming back.

And here are traffic volumes around the world. This chart was published on Sunday, March 22. At that time, Tokyo looked to be largely business as usual.

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  1. Doug Pollard

    While the flattening curves elsewhere are encouraging to see it seems that they are unduly encouraging Trump to keep on conveying the wrong messages and to act prematurely to loosen restrictions despite the multitude of opinions to the contrary by those who really understand these things.


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