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An apartment dwelling city

Toronto’s Chief Planner, Gregg Lintern, posted this on Twitter a few days (if you can’t see it below, click here):

A couple things came to mind when I saw this.

First, it’s a reminder that census data is painfully slow. Five years is a long time and a lot can and will change during that time period, including the kind of built form that people are living in.

Second, I agree with Gregg. Toronto is in the process of transforming into a majority apartment/condo dwelling city (if it hasn’t already), and it signals a pretty important juncture in our city’s history.

It also begs an important question: How should our planning response change and adjust as this percentage of urban dwellers continues to creep upward?


  1. Tbone

    With the number of less than 5 storey walk-ups in Toronto I bet its above 50% live in apartments, won’t why they used 5 as their benchmark?


  2. Merv

    Would political priorities change with more residents being in apartments over 5 stories? I’m thinking political priorities will still favour residential homes if ward boundaries will not be changed to reflect more people living in apartments.


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