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Look what fits in a parking lot

Brent Toderian likes to start Twitter hashtags that revolve around city building. One of his most recent is #LookWhatFitsInAParkingLot. For this one, he asked the Twittersphere to consider the things we love in cities that might fit inside a parking lot.

Here is one of the best responses — Dodger Stadium edition:

Venice, Amsterdam, and Shibuya (Tokyo) were all overlaid — at the same scale — on the surface parking surrounding Dodger Stadium. There are about 16,000 parking spaces, which actually take up more land than the stadium itself.

To be fair, I bet if you overlaid parts of Los Angeles on this same parking, it would look similarly astounding. But that shouldn’t change what you take away from this post: parking is very land consumptive.

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  1. Peter James (me)

    It’s like a reverse of that song. “Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Now it’s “paved parking lots and out up a paradise”

    Now I want to see a map highlighting how many buildings in LA are parking structures/lots.


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