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My life as a tram

Love them or hate them (I happen to love them), Toronto’s streetcars are part of this city’s identity. Most North American cities got rid of their streetcars around the middle of the 20th century. But Toronto didn’t. And that has left us with the largest first generation streetcar network in the Americas in terms of total track length, number of cars, and ridership. That’s something. If you’re also a fan of streetcars (or just like geeking out about cities), you may enjoy this little ode to Zürich’s tram network by Monocle. It’s called, “My life as a tram.”

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  1. Ryan

    Nice one Brandon. I happen to love the streetcar. It truly gives Toronto charm and in many ways adds to the beauty of the city. Nevertheless, I can see why there is a lot of push back and think it requires good planning to make them work in the long term. Passengers, for instance, should not be at risk of being hit by cars while entering or exiting a streetcar. Center lane planning for streetcars have to become a priority if we’re going to keep them.


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