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Every major hurricane in the North Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific

I came across this map while reading up on Hurricane Dorian:

It is a map showing the tracks of every known hurricane in the North Atlantic (1851-2013) and in the Eastern North Pacific (1949-2013). Major hurricanes (category 3 or higher) are shown in yellow and tropical cyclones (intensity less than category 3) are shown in red.

The map is from the National Hurricane Center. Some of their other maps include the points of origin for tropical cyclones (here is August 21-31 from 1851-2015) and the total number of hurricane strikes by U.S. county (here is Florida from 1900-2010).

What has happened is a catastrophe. UBS is already estimating the insured damages in the Bahamas to be between $500 million and $1 billion. But as is usually the case, the total economic losses will likely exceed the insured losses.

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