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Nelson, BC is running a laneway house design competition

The City of Nelson, BC — which happens to be the launching pad for some of the best snowboarding in the world — is currently conducting a laneway house design competition. The objective is to come up with a set of “pre-reviewed” design options that homeowners can then purchase and build themselves. Here’s more about what they’re trying to achieve:

The objective is to provide easy access to high-quality designs and code-compliant plans that strike the right balance between affordable construction and ecologically-sound design. They will be plans designed for Nelson, offering exceptional value-for-money for homeowners and making it easier for them to build a laneway house on their property. The contest evaluation criteria emphasise (sic) adaptability to various lots and topographies.

Three designs will be selected, as well as a “people’s choice award.” Payment for a winning design will come in the form of a monetary prize and a $1,000 royalty each time the design is purchased by a homeowner. I’m not sure how many houses there are in Nelson, but I would imagine there are enough to make this a worthwhile exercise.

I also think this is a good approach to making laneway housing more accessible to homeowners. The simpler they are to build, the more housing we will see. Nelson clearly understands that. If you’d like to submit, you have until September 2, 2019. More details, here. Apologies for the short notice.

Thank you to Mason Studio for sharing this competition with me.

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