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Out of office: Lisbon

The out of office responder is on.

I am currently on a multi-day stopover in Lisbon on my way to Malaga, Spain. One of my oldest friends (we went to elementary school together in Toronto) is getting married there this weekend. They chose Spain because that’s where they met (she is Parisian). They have an incredible love story and I’m looking forward to celebrating with them in a few days.

The above photo was taken with my iPhone from Sky Bar.

The green you see in the foreground is Av da Liberdade. Here is another photo from a different angle, where you can begin to see the water (Tagus). Its tree canopy is one of the most impressive that I have ever seen. Its grandeur (largely its width) is quite a contrast against the small and winding streets in the rest of Lisbon. And it may be one of the only level places in this exceptionally hilly town.

I’m a big fan of Lisbon, already.


  1. Hi Brandon, I’m a portuguese civil engineer based at Lisbon, real estate developer, and I follow your blog every day, it is really interesting. I’m happy you have the opportunity to know a little bit about my city! I wish you a great stay and have a nice time! All the best, Jorge

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