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The scale and scope of urban tech

“Cities have become the basic platforms for global innovation and economic growth, supplanting the corporation as the fundamental organizing unit of the contemporary economy.” -Richard Florida

Richard Florida and Patrick Adler of the Martin Prosperity Institute here in Toronto have been doing some research on what they are calling “urban tech.” They define it as encompassing the following industry sectors: co-living and co-working; mobility; delivery; smart cities; construction tech; and real estate tech.

Here are the largest urban tech startups based on the amount of VC investment they have received:

Below is how the space breaks down by sector. Mobility / ride hailing is the behemoth, receiving 61% of all VC investment. Food delivery is next. And “proptech” is at the bottom.

Finally, here are the top “urban tech” cities. Beijing is right up there with San Francisco.

For more information on the study, click here.

Tables: CityLab

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