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Miami in the 21st century

I started reading a new book this weekend called, The Global Edge: Miami in the Twenty-First Century.

When many (or perhaps most) people think of Miami/Miami Beach, they think of its beaches and resorts. And that is certainly a mainstay of the region’s offering. But over the past few decades, Miami has also emerged as an important global city (albeit at a more regional scale) and as a center for art and culture. Miami has the second largest concentration of international banks in the United States after New York, which begins to speak to the region’s importance for Latin America.

New York City is what it is today because it was the port of entry for new immigrants coming to the United States. This same phenomenon is what reshaped the Miami economy, starting first with Cuban exiles. Today, the city remains a refuge for Latin Americans searching for greater political and economic stability. As my friend from Miami likes to tell me, “the best thing about Miami is that it’s so close to the United States.”

I’m enjoying this book and I bet some of you will as well.

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