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Bertram’s Motor Service

One of the best things about writing a public blog is that I get to connect with new people on a regular basis. I just received the following picture from a lovely lady named Sandra who lives in Elora, Ontario:

It is a picture of 2730 Dundas Street West from the 1940s. Quite a handsome service station if you ask me. And look at that typography.

She sent me the photo because she saw Junction House in the paper and came to the realization that this property forms part of the project.

Before we demolished the building last year, it looked like this (image from Google Street View):

The best part of this story is that her father built the building and he operated the business that it housed for over 50 years.

The only hiatus was when he went to serve in the Canadian Navy during World War II. During this period her mother operated Bertram’s Motor Service.

Thankfully, Sandra was appreciative of our plans: “Thank you for taking these properties and making something so beautiful for the future.”

We’re trying our best, Sandra.


  1. Stacey

    I think that is a great idea to feature this photo! My grandfather build the shop and ran it and in the 70’s my father took it over. It would be amazing to keep the memory alive.


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