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And that’s a wrap

Mark Garner (Downtown Yonge BIA), Jon Simo (Neon Demon Studio), Rebecca Stubbs (Downtown Yonge BIA), Brandon Donnelly (Slate Asset Management), Rick Sole (Globizen Developments)

What a weekend.

Almost 4,000 people came through the Junction House sales office for our neon popup gallery. At one point throughout the day on Saturday, there was an over 1 hour wait to get in. The team had to implement a viewing time limit in order to keep the line moving.

The event surpassed all of our expectations in terms of visitors and buzz. Many of the local businesses in the area also experienced a pop in foot traffic as a result.

The Downtown Yonge BIA and Neon Demon Studio (as well as many others) did an incredible job coordinating and curating the exhibit. And we are thrilled to have played a small role in bringing it to life.

What is clear to me after this weekend is that people really love neon (and, of course, Instagramming said neon) and that there’s a market here in Toronto for a permanent museum. It’s going to happen.

For those of you who missed the exhibit, there’s no shortage of photos online. Check out #JunctionHouse and #NeonMuseumTO to get started. A big thank you to the entire team for making this happen.

For more information on our Junction House condominium project, click here.

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