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Marketing to Hong Kong

A reader of this blog, who is based in Hong Kong, recently emailed me these photos:

They are of a direct mailer that he received in his mailbox for a project here in Toronto.

He sent them to me because he thought it was an interesting example of how projects are marketed to residents of Hong Kong.

I don’t know what most of the text means, but it is clear that Canada is a brand and that the Toronto Reference Library is an important landmark.


  1. Tbone

    This is extremely frustrating to see. Real estate should not be allowed to be marketed abroad for foreign investors while we have an affordable housing crisis, yesterdays federal budget should have banned it outright.

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  2. iamcanadianenuf

    There are alot of Canadian citizens living abroad especially in HK. Makes sense there is high interest garnered.


  3. Yan Yu

    They didn’t mention about the reference library .
    The translation is
    1 close to Yorkville boutique cafes and restaurants

    2 right on bloor for the Minks Miles shopping

    3 close to UT

    4 reliable developer great gulf

    I think this is a right approach and even One Yonge and Sugar wharf did a great campions in Asian market. I think “ affardabilities “ and “market rate condo” is seperate issues and I think Great Gulf / Menkes / Tridel doing a great marketing jobs and know their target clientiales .
    This is not a secret that T.O market is invested by off shore money especially in the shelter of condoland . Lot of investors do have ties in Canada either with expats or relatives living here. Purchasing precon to live and invest is never property educated locally . Blaming foreign is silly and lack of global vision .


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