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Tiny Tower in North Philadelphia

ISA Architects recently completed a project in North Philadelphia called Tiny Tower.

It is a 6-level, 1,250 square foot single family home built on a small 12′ x 29′ lot. That’s about the footprint of two parking spaces. It feels like a house you might find in Japan.

Its siting is on a secondary street, akin to a laneway here in Toronto. As you can tell from the above picture, the adjacent parcels are largely undeveloped and/or used for parking.

The height of the house is 38 feet and the section looks like this:

The kitchen is in the basement (along with a light well). The living room is on the main floor (entrance to the house shown below). The third level is a workspace. And the rest of the floors are bedrooms. There’s also a rooftop patio. All of the circulation happens on one side of the house.

I don’t consider 1,250 square feet to be a small house and so this post is not about that. “Tiny Tower” does, however, feel like an accurate name.

I like these kinds of projects because they are about taking something with little perceived value — in this case a small parcel of land — and creating something cool.

That’s how you create the most value. You have to discover and do things that most other people are overlooking.

Images: ISA Architects

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  1. Catherine

    Other than minimizing lot space/footprint, I’m curious if there is also a cost savings for building this type of structure. thank you

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