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InfraScapes by Paolo Pettigiani

I just discovered the work of Italian photographer, Paolo Pettigiani. He specializes in something called infrared photography, which is photography that captures the wavelengths of light that generally aren’t visible to us humans.

Paolo shoots with a full spectrum Nikon D750. What this means is that the camera’s sensor is sensitive to, well, the full spectrum of light: UV, visible, and infrared. Using this photography technique, he has coined something he calls “InfraScapes.”

Here are a few of his photos from Dubai (source):

The reason these photos look the way that they do is because anything with chlorophyll — such as grass and trees — really reflects infrared light. The result is a generally muted landscape with pops of pink. Perhaps this could be used as a technique to visually evaluate the greenness of our cities.

All photos by Paolo Pettigiani

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