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[Video] Yearning for turning

It is a beautiful snow day in Toronto today and so I thought we would switch gears a little.

If you don’t care about snowboarding (or skiing), you may want to ignore today’s post and check back tomorrow. But if you do care, then you are going to absolutely love this video by KORUA Shapes. There’s something so magical about pairing the right song with the right video. If you can’t see it below, click here.

I’ve been following KORUA for a number of years now. They make unique snowboard shapes with virtually zero graphics or ornamentation. The tops are white and the bottoms are red. Clean and simple. It’s all about the geometry of the boards and their performance. Their mission: “Simply for the sake of beauty and joy.”

I think I’m going to try one out next season.


  1. Robert Grigg

    I definitely do not tune out! I’ve just returned from Kitzbühel which was lovely.

    For a different take on a ski video, have you ever seen this brilliant Candide Thovex vid for AUDI cars?

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