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200 km/h on the Autobahn

We drove on the Autobahn today. Our Ford remained as smooth as ever. They take their cars seriously here and force regular inspections.

But this got me wondering about safety records and why more countries haven’t adopted similar approaches to highway driving.

Here is Germany’s 2014 record from Wikipedia:

It turns out that the injury and fatality rates on the Autobahn — measured per billion vehicle kilometers traveled — are actually relatively low compared to urban and rural road classes.

It is also relatively low compared to international standards. Here is a 2012 comparison, also via Wikipedia:

Europe as a whole does very well in this regard (not that this specifically addresses Autobahn safety). Generally, fatalities have declined significantly over the last few decades.

Here is a chart from the World Health Organization:

What is clear to me after seeing this data, though, is that the greater problem looks to exist outside of our highways and motorways.


  1. Ricardo

    Possibly because Ontarians (is that a word?) can’t drive well. Ie drive in the passing lane.


  2. Driving on the autobahn is a pleasure, drivers are much more respectful and communication between drivers is much better than on North American roads. I believe one of the reasons may be that getting a drivers license in Germany requires a more rigorous process than in North America.


  3. romas15

    Driving in Germany, and Europe in general is a pleasure, especially the autobahn. Drivers drive with respect and communicate with each other much better than in North America. I believe one reason for better safety records is the rigorous process they have to obtain a drivers license, much more onerous than in North America.

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