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Mobility at CES

CES is underway right now in Las Vegas. About 200,000 people are in attendance. 

Since tech and mobility are today closely intertwined, the show has become an important platform for the automative industry.

Here is a video showcasing BMW’s new iNext concept (expected by 2021):

It is based on level 3 autonomy, which means the car will do mostly everything, but you need to be ready to take over at any time.

The video is interesting because it begins to show you what becomes possible when you no longer need to pay attention to the road. It is a bit like flying (but hopefully more enjoyable). 

And here is a video of Bell’s new urban air taxi, which is called Nexus (expected by the mid-2020s):

This is the company’s first concept. But they’ve been working with Uber since 2017 to develop a network of flying taxis for cities.

Finally, flying cars.

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