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And we’re back

Welcome to 2019.

I am currently in transit and catching up on some internet reading and email on my way back to Toronto.

At this time of year it is, of course, common to reminisce (or lament) about what happened over the last year, as well prognosticate what may come.

Over the last few years, I have done a bit of that on the blog. But I clearly didn’t do that this year while in Brazil (and away from any semblance of a workspace).

So here’s what others have been writing and thinking about over the holidays:

– 2018’s tech trends and tribulations in 14 charts. RecodeLink

– 2018 was the year of the YIMBY. CityLab. Link

– A cool girl’s guide to Toronto. Vogue. Link

– Amazon’s annual Christmas press release. Link

– Best travel posts of 2018. Design Milk. Link

– Here’s (Almost) Everything Wall Street Expects in 2019. Bloomberg. Link

– Here’s what to expect in cybersecurity in 2019. TechCrunch. Link

– Naive to hope Toronto can change in 2019? That means we have work to do. Shawn Micallef. Link 

– The 10 largest US venture rounds of 2019. TechCrunch. Link

– What is going to happen in 2019. Fred Wilson. Link

– Will a recession hit in 2019? Alan Murray. Link

– Year in search 2018. Google. Link

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