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Three nights only

For this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, artist Carsten Höller collaborated with Fondazione Prada to create a 3-night-only pop-up club called, The Prada Double Club Miami.

By time you read this post, the pop-up is likely to be over. But it is an interesting space nonetheless.

The installation made use of an old 1920s film studio and was comprised of two distinct spaces – hence the double club reference. 

The interior bar and dance floor were entirely monochromatic.

Höller wanted all color to instead come from participants within the space. 

The exterior bar, on the other hand, was “hyper-polychromatic.”

Perhaps some of you might find inspiration here for your next condo sales office. That would be fun.

Photography: Casey Kelbaugh, courtesy of Fondazione Prada and via The Spaces

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