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Project Profile: Hotel Emiliano, Rio de Janeiro


This is not exactly a new project. The hotel, pictured above, opened in 2016 and was the brand’s second location (their first opened in São Paulo in 2001). But I like the story and how it was executed.

Hotel Emiliano is the work of husband and wife team Gustavo Filgueiras and Andrea Colli Filgueiras. He is a hotelier. And she is a jewelry designer. Both wanted to pay homage to the glory days of Rio’s Copacabana Beach.

Designed by Arthus Casas and Chad Oppenheim – who, by the way, recently built himself a stunning home in the Bahamas – the 90-room hotel is clad in white shutters that can be used to modulate the Brazilian sun. 


On the roof is an infinity pool with a glazed side. Here is a screen grab from the hotel’s website:


And here is an aerial view of the pool taken from Dezeen:


The uniforms for the hotel were designed by Barbara Casasola and a custom jewelry collection was created by Andrea Colli. 


For more photos, check out Dezeen and Wallpaper.

Architectural photography: Fernando Guerra

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