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Increasing housing supply in Ontario

The Government of Ontario is currently working on a Housing Supply Action Plan that they hope will address “the barriers getting in the way of new ownership and rental housing.”

Through initial consultations, they have already identified 5 key themes (my words below):

  1. The approvals/entitlement process for new housing is too slow
  2. There are too many restrictions on what is allowed to be built (that is, we should be encouraging more “gentle density” and “missing middle” type infill)
  3. Development costs are too high
  4. Tenants need protection; regulation is making it increasingly difficult to be a small landlord
  5. Overall housing innovation

The province is also looking for public input and is currently running this online survey. It is open until January 25, 2019. And I would encourage all of you to complete it and help shape the action plan.

My understanding is that the plan should be ready by Q2-2019.

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