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Hamilton’s Pier 8

In December of last year, the City of Hamilton launched an RFP process to find a team (from the list of prequalified bidders) to develop a new urban community at Pier 8 along the waterfront. The ambition is somewhere around 1,500 new residential units and… Read More

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Going down east

I live in Toronto.  When I am headed north to cottage country, I say that I am going up north. When the Florida snowbirds talk about escaping the winter, they usually say that they are headed down south. These geographic references are fairly straightforward. If a… Read More

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How elevation impacts risk taking

There’s an old saying that we shape our buildings and environments and then they in turn shape us.  Here is a fascinating research report about “the influence of physical elevation in buildings on risk preferences.” I discovered it through this MarketWatch article, which my friend John… Read More