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New, mini, electric skateboard


Boosted — which is a California-based company that makes electric skateboards — has just released a new smaller and more affordable version called the Mini S.

Casey Neistat — who helped popularize the original models through his wildly successful YouTube channel — recently vlogged about it and it ended up crashing their website. That’s how things work these days.

Now, this new version is still USD 750 (so CAD 1,000), but it is significantly less than their other, bigger, models.

The Mini S goes up to 18 mph and lasts for about 7 miles (optional extended range battery available). So it’s perfect for short jaunts around the city and as a solution to that pesky last mile problem. 

I am seriously considering getting one for my short commute to the office. That way I’m not breaking a sweat in my suit. But $1,000 remains an awful lot for a skateboard.

What do you think?

Image: Casey Neistat via Boosted

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