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The most popular building amenities (according to a small subset of people)

Here are the results from my primitive multi-unit building amenities survey:

Gym is number 1. No surprise there. 46% of respondents said it was in their top 3. 

Rooftop outdoor space at number 2 was perhaps a bit surprising. But then again, who doesn’t love a good rooftop patio?

As for concierge service, I tend to think this was driven by package delivery. That’s certainly the biggest value add for me.

One standout near the top, for me at least, is co-working space. Andrew LeFleur made mention of this on Twitter and I think he’s right: The changing nature of work is making these spaces more valuable in multi-family dwellings.

And now some color on the above results.

436 amenity selections were made as part of this survey. 

About half of the respondents were from the Greater Toronto Area, followed by Calgary, San Francisco, Ottawa, Boston, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, and many other cities. Shoutout to whoever responded from Kuala Lumpur and Porto Alegre.

In terms of “Other” amenities, there were suggestions for a band rehearsal space, a vending machine, a grassy area for sports, and programming the helps you meet your neighbors.

In terms of this one last, it can be tricky for condo buildings. Developers only provide the space. It’s then up to management. But I’ve seen it done very well in rental buildings.

Are you surprised by any of the results from this survey?

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