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Chipperfield to build tallest building in Hamburg

David Chipperfield Architects has just won a design competition for the tallest building in Hamburg. It is set to rise 230 meters and look something like this:


There’s a real elegance to its simplicity. It also feels like an appropriate pairing with the nearby Elbphilharmonie designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

But the first thing I thought to myself when I saw the design was: “Must be office. There are no outdoor spaces.”

And sure enough, the plan is for 104,000 sm of primarily office. There are also plans for restaurants, shops, exhibition areas, and a hotel and bar.

Some architects begrudge having to incorporate balconies into their tower designs because they can break up the elevations, muddy the concept, and create thermal bridging concerns.

This tower – called the Elbtower – is a good example of why that is the case.

Image via Dezeen

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