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“Liberate these objects from their containment”

Architect Rem Koolhaas recently unveiled a backpack that he designed for Prada’s autumn winter 2018 menswear collection

It looks like this: 


It’s more of a frontpack. Actually, maybe the right name is chestpack.

What stood out for me, though – perhaps more than its frontality – was the way that Rem Koolhaas described his reasoning behind the design.

Here is an excerpt from Dezeen:

“Today, waiting in line for a typical airport check of carry-on luggage, it is surprising to note how the shapeless container of the backpack, is inhabited by strict, orthogonal devices like the laptop, the charger, books, toilet bag, and how awkward it is to liberate these objects from their containment in the backpack,” he said.

“This project proposes a reinterpretation of the backpack, more suitable to the contemporary urban citizen,” he continued. “The frontal position gives a more intimate sense of ownership – a better control of movement, avoiding the chain of oblivious collisions that the backpack inadvertently generates.”

Leave it to an architect to talk about a backpack like the wearer is about to go to war.

P.S. I’m a fan of Koolhaas. I just found this funny.

Image: Prada

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