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Bentway skate trail opens in Toronto

The new Bentway skate trail officially opened this weekend in Toronto. Click here for the hours and for info on skate rentals.

Here are a some photos from blogTO. And here and here are two posts that I previously wrote about the Bentway project. (I still really like the original “Under Gardiner” moniker, but maybe the Bentway will grow on me.)

The skate trail (220m track) is only the first section of the larger 1.76 km Bentway project, but I am excited to check it out. I plan to do that next weekend.

As I mentioned before, the Bentway project is a great example of rethinking neglected urban spaces. This area under the Gardiner Expressway was/is a wasted opportunity. I’m glad we’re doing something about that.

Image: The Bentway

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