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The Canada mission

It’s the Christmas and holiday season, which means two very important things.  One, it’s time for the latest rendition of Urban Capital’s annual Naughty or Nice party. That was last week and it was #7. Here are the obligatory photo booth snaps to prove it… Read More

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Urban vs. suburban home prices

Aaron Terrazas, who is a Senior Economist at Zillow, recently gave this presentation about the US and Virginia Beach housing markets. (I discovered it through City Observatory.) There are a bunch of interesting graphs/stats in the presentation. Home values in Virginia Beach, for example, have… Read More

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Mastering Bitcoin

I’m still in the office right now (wading through Excel models) and I’m late for a Christmas party. So by necessity today’s post is going to be a short one. Below is a podcast from the Kevin Rose Show called “Bitcoin’s true potential”. It’s with Andreas… Read More

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Break the internet

Today I am joining a collective online protest – called Break the Internet – in support of net neutrality in the United States. I’m not American and I don’t live in the US, and so Congress and the FCC don’t care to hear from me. But… Read More