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Laneway house support map

I posted the following image to Twitter this morning:

It’s a map of some of the people who support my proposed laneway house (in midtown Toronto) and have signed their name at

To me, this is an incredible demonstration of the kind of broad-based support that exists in this city today for laneway housing/suites.

I met with some of my neighbors last week to discuss the proposal and one of them said to me: “I can tell that you’re genuinely passionate about this idea.” 

My response: “You’re absolutely right. I am. This is not just about my singular project or the money. This is about something much bigger for the city.”

Clearly, many others see that as well. 

I know that there’s been a lot of laneway talk on the blog over the past few weeks and months. It’s been on my mind as I prepare for my project’s hearing next month.

For those of you who have no interest in laneway housing/accessory dwelling units, rest assured that the laneway content should subside (a little) after the summer.

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