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5 decades of condo development in Toronto

Jeff Gray and John Sopinski just published a terrific set of maps in the Globe and Mail outlining 5 decades of condo growth in Toronto.

Ontario first introduced the Condominium Act in 1968. The first condo project was supposedly built by Bert Winberg – founder of Rockport Group – between 1968-1969. He saw what developers were doing in California and Florida and he brought it to Toronto.

Since then, here is what condo supply has looked like across the Greater Toronto Area:

  • 1970s – 11,697 units
  • 1980s – 30,881 units
  • 1990s – 49,503 units
  • 2000s – 103,683 units
  • 2010s – 109,497 units (up to September 2016)

And here’s the map for the 2010s:

We are now a condo city. For the full set of maps, click through here.

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