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Amazon is just getting started


The Economist has an article up talking about what a behemoth Amazon has and will continue to become. Here are some interesting stats for you to think about:

  • More than half of every dollar spent online in America now goes to Amazon
  • Amazon’s share price has increased 173% since the beginning of 2015 (12x faster than the S&P 500)
  • With a market capitalization > $400 billion, it is the 5th most valuable company in the world
  • 92% of its value is supposedly being derived from profits expected after 2020 – they are playing the long game
  • Investors believe that revenue will go from $136 billion (2016) to half a trillion over the next decade

If I can buy something online, instead of in person, I will do it. And that very often leads me to Amazon. In fact, I bought my new camera lens from them last week. Many others seem to be doing the same.

When I go to a store now it’s because I need something immediately or because I’m looking for a new experience. I want novelty and I want to feel something special when I walk in. That, or I just need groceries.

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