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Manager vs. maker

I am a big believer in making things.  That could be writing a blog post, recording a podcast, coding an app, designing a building, making something tangible, or whatever. It is the act of creating something. And it’s one of the reasons I love what… Read More

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Dear City Council

Kate Downing was formerly a planning commissioner in the City of Palo Alto. She recently resigned from her position and, about about a day ago, she posted her resignation letter on Medium. It has since gone viral. The reason it has spread so quickly, I… Read More

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Should we love bubbles?

There’s no shortage of talk about a Canadian housing bubble: In Vancouver, the price of a single-family home (as of June of this year) increased 39% to C$1.6 million from the year prior. Does that constitute bubble territory? In an effort to stop prices from… Read More

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70 years of LA

The New Yorker recently published an interesting split-screen video tour of the same streets in downtown LA in the 1940s and today.  They have done a great job pairing up the same views and also panning in such a way that the middle divider seems… Read More

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Journeys by walking

Arup, the global consulting firm, has an interesting publication out called Cities Alive: Towards a walking world. The report highlights 50 benefits of walking and then 40 actions that city leaders can take today to transform their cities. The entire study was informed by examining… Read More