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How sexy is your city?

I recently penned an article for Building Magazine called How Sexy Is Your City? The subtitle is: The next generation of talent will require cities to take a next generation approach to city building.

I know that we’re all hitting our limit in terms of people talking about millennials, so I’d like to reassure you that – excluding the actual article tag – the word “millennial” only shows up twice in the piece. 

I also don’t write long-form articles very often. I’ve had people suggest that I do that periodically on this blog, but I find the time commitment to be exponentially greater than for the short, glib pieces I usually write here. 😉

So if you can bear two more instances of the word “millennial” and you’ve been looking for something longer, you are in luck. Also, if you’d like to subscribe to Building, you can do that here.

Image: Doublespace Photography via Building

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