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Technology x Business x Design

John Maeda – Design Partner at venture capital firm KPCB – recently
published the second and 2016 edition of his #DesignInTech
. I shared his first one almost exactly a year ago.

His core thesis is that we are heading towards a world where technology,
business, and design become closely integrated – in school, in business, and so
on. Throughout the report he looks at the increasing impact that design and
designers are having within the startup ecosystem.

Here are a few verbatim bullet points:

– Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance and meaningful

– 36% of the top 25 funded startups are co-founded by
designers, up from 20% in 2015.

– The general word “design” will come to mean less as we
will start to qualify the specific kind of design we mean.

– Currently design education lags the technology industry’s
needs for data-oriented, coding enabled graduates with business acumen.

– We must consciously invest in education to develop a
more hybrid perspective on creativity in the 21st century:
Technology x Business x Design.

– President Obama’s signing of ESSA (Every Student
Succeeds Act) into law in 2015 is a positive sign: by turning STEM into STEAM (adding Art) in K-12 education as a US priority.

As somebody who studied design (architecture), business,
and computer science (briefly, before switching to architecture), I probably
have a bit of a biased view here. But to the extent that I can be objective, I
really see this as the future. I am a big supporter of the transformation from STEM to STEAM.

Below is a quote that Maeda uses to end his report, which I will also use to end this post:

“Engineers are efficient problem solvers. Business people think short term. Designer want things to be elegant and beautiful. All three need to create collaboration and harmony, and honor the value each other brings. There needs to be a new kind of ‘multi-dimensional’ approach to design that is yet to be invented.” –Linda Holliday

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