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Top 10 freeways without a future

Last year The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), which is based out of Chicago, published a report called, The 2014 Freeways Without Futures. It listed the top 10 freeways across North America that are in need of removal, replacement, and revitalization. You can download the full PDF report by clicking here.

Here’s an introductory snippet from the report:

The 2014 Freeways Without Futures Report lists the top opportunities in North America for replacing aging urban highways with boulevards or avenues that connect to the networks of streets. They are presented in no particular order of rank. As in previous reports, the criteria for the 2014 list is based on a number of factors: the age and design of structures, redevelopment potential, potential cost savings, ability to improve both overall mobility and local access, existence of pending infrastructure decisions, and community support.

And here’s the list of freeways without a future:

  1.  I-10/Claiborne Overpass, New Orleans
  2.  I-81, Syracuse, New York
  3.  Gardiner Expressway, Toronto
  4.  Route 5/Skyway, Buffalo
  5.  Inner Loop, Rochester New York
  6.  I-70, St. Louis
  7.  I-280, San Francisco
  8.  I-375, Detroit
  9.  Terminal Island Freeway, Long Beach
  10.  Aetna Viaduct, Hartford

Not surprisingly, the Gardiner Expressway is on the list. CNU is in agreement with the “remove” option currently being contemplated by Toronto City Council and will be doing their part to support the Gardiner East petition that Stephen and I created. Thank you for that 🙂

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