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8 tips for building better cities

Photograph Tram by Federico Venuda on 500px

Tram by Federico Venuda on 500px

My friend Alex Bozikovic of the Globe and Mail recently wrote a great article called: Expert advice on building the city of the 21st century. It’s a nice tie-in to a post I wrote a few weeks ago talking about the need for an urban agenda.

For Alex’s article, the Globe asked “prominent urbanists, architects, and scholars” from around the world to comment on what Canadian mayors should be focused on right now as we build the cities of tomorrow.

Here’s a list of what they said:

  1. Make people, not cars, happy
  2. Decrease speed limits
  3. Empower city governments
  4. Leverage density
  5. Embrace the science of big data
  6. Mix residences and workspace
  7. Turn streets into destinations
  8. Redevelop the inner suburbs

It’s a great set of recommendations. So I would encourage you to check out the full Globe and Mail article.

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