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Showcasing the Architect This City community (and a big thank you)

There are a lot of awesome people who subscribe to Architect This City. I know this because many of you have told me what industry you’re in (when you signed up) or I’ve checked out your website by way of the email address you provided. In fact, I try and do this as often as I can. I like to get to know the people who are reading and, hopefully, enjoying ATC on a regular basis.

But one of the things that I wish I could do more of is actually reach out and get to know each and every one of you.

Unfortunately though, there’s only so much time in the day. So what I thought I would do instead – as a kind of next best option – is profile a number of you right here on Architect This City. I know that many of you are doing really interesting things, either personally or at work, and so I’d like to give you the opportunity to share those things with the entire community. It’s selfishly an opportunity for me to get to know you all a bit better, but it’s also a way for me to say thank you for subscribing.

So here’s what I propose:

If you’re a subscriber to Architect This City, you will have or will be receiving this post via email. If you’d like to have you or your company profiled, please reply to the email before Sunday, November 16th at midnight with the following 3 things (if you’re a weekly subscriber you won’t receive the email until Sunday evening, so you’ll have to act fast):

  • Your name and/or the name of your company.
  • One or two sentences describing what you or your company does and why it’s awesome.
  • And the link to your website and/or twitter profile.

I’ll then go through all the replies and pick a total of 10 people and companies to profile. If I get lots of replies, I’ll probably bump this number up so that more of you get face time. The selection criteria will be based on awesomeness, and on trying to get a broad cross section of industries and geographies.

It would be great to get to know more of you, so I hope to see your name in my inbox. And once again, thank you for subscribing 🙂

Image: Dundas Square, Toronto (Flickr)

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