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A day on Ward’s Island

I have a friend in town visiting me from New York this weekend. And since today was such a beautiful day in Toronto, we decided to spend the afternoon on the Toronto Islands–Ward’s Island to be exact. The islands are such an incredible amenity in the city. I try and go as often as I can during the summer. It’s my Central Park.

But in addition to parks and beaches, many people also live on the islands. There are 262 residential properties across the archipelago. Below is what a residential street looks like. There are no cars allowed. It’s a gorgeous place.

But if you want a house on the Toronto Islands you have to get on a waiting list. There only 500 spots and it’ll probably take you about 30 years before you get to a meaningful position on that list. But even then, you’re only buying the house. The land itself is on lease.

But if we didn’t regulate, the islands would be a very different place. 262 homes is not a lot of housing. In fact, it’s less than most of the new condo buildings going up downtown. So it’ll probably always be a heavily regulated market.

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