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Tomorrow’s capital of the world

Last week I polled the ATC community and asked which city they consider to be the “capital of the world.”


I received 62 votes and the overwhelming majority (63%) voted for New York. London came in a distant second with 23% of the vote. Though there’s probably a geography bias here (most of the readers of this blog are from North America), I did have a few people comment on Twitter that the answer to this question is blatantly obvious. The capital of the world is New York.

But what I was really trying to do was establish a baseline for this week’s poll, which I think is a much more interesting question. Which city do you think will be the “capital of the world” in 2050? Again, there are no other instructions. Just select whatever first comes to mind. I’m using the same list of cities as before, but you can now add a city if you think the right answer is missing. If for whatever you can’t see the poll below, click here.

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