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We need a new mayor

I can’t believe that Ford is still our mayor. In fact, I still can’t believe we elected him in the first place.

In case you missed it, Toronto’s Police Chief announced today that they are in possession of a video depicting Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. Outside of Canada, it was reported in the Huffington Post, the Guardian, as well as many other places.

It’s an embarrassment for Toronto. It’s an embarrassment for Canada. 

But even after all of this, Ford came forward today and said that he will not resign:

“I have no reason to resign. I’m going to go back and return my phone calls. I’m going to be out doing what the people elected me to do and that’s save taxpayers’ money and run a great government that we’ve been running.”

Toronto is a global city. And yet we have this profound leadership deficit. Today our successes are in spite of our governance. I know that there is a lot talent in this city so, please, somebody step forward.

We need a new mayor.

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