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Panel: Investing in Condominiums

I sat on a panel tonight for a discussion on investing in condominiums. It was organized by the Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer group.

My overall position was that we’re now returning to a more balanced market. The days of massive appreciation and overnight riches are gone. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to see anywhere near the correction that the US housing market saw in 2008.

What I do think it means is that everyone – from developers to small investors – needs to remain focused on fundamentals. Buy quality assets in great locations and make sure the rental income is there. Cash is king. That’s fundamentally what the real estate business is about.

Overall, the data shows that developers are pulling back with respect to releasing new product to the market and that price appreciation has slowed, almost trading sideways. All of this is good for the market if you’re worried about a catastrophic crash.

I think the experience in the US has made us all paranoid about our own housing market. But it could end up saving us from repeating their mistakes.

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